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As the most popular person of the twentieth century, we can name Adolf Hitler. Hitler, who had been subjected to achieving the ultimate glory of the degraded Germany in World War I, unexpectedly pulled down the power of Germany and tried to do something that would not work for the welfare. After successively establishing a dominion over one country, Hitler lost all the world's sleep. His devotional dream was broken but later In his government career for only a dozen years, Hitler actually shrugged off. It is important to deal with the loss of the Jewish people, behave very viciously with our enemies, show great unbelief on their own colleagues, and not to show partiality of humanity by speaking to them. The dictatorship and monarchy found their status in his career. Many people seem to be dormant about the badge leading to the world's second fastest war. In fact, how Hitler became so popular and what is said about it even today, this deeply debated issue of this very important issue is done in very simple language for Marathi readers of all ages. The readers of this view will also be able to see what should be done to prevent the creation of Hitler in the new world. विसाव्या शतकामधला सगळ्यात गाजलेला माणूस म्हणून आपण अ‍ॅडॉल्फ हिटलरचं नाव घेऊ शकतो. पहिल्या महायुद्धात मानहानी झालेल्या जर्मनीला गतवैभव प्राप्त करून देण्याच्या ध्येयानं भारून गेलेल्या हिटलरनं अत्यंत अनपेक्षितरीत्या जर्मनीची सत्ता आपल्याकडे खेचून घेतली आणि भल्याभल्यांना जमणार नाही अशी कामगिरी करण्याचा चंग बांधला. एकामागून एका देशांवर आपलं वर्चस्व प्रस्थापित करत हिटलरनं सगळ्या जगाची झोप उडवली. त्याचं आसुरी स्वप्न मात्र नंतर भंगत गेलं. केवळ डझनभर वर्षांच्या आपल्या राजकीय कारकिर्दीत हिटलरनं अक्षरशः धुमाकूळ घातला. ज्यू लोकांचा संहार, आपल्या शत्रूंशी अत्यंत व्रूâरपणे वागणं, आपल्याच सहकाऱ्यांवर विलक्षण अविश्वास दाखवणं, माणुसकीचा अंशही वागण्याबोलण्यातून न दाखवणं, अशा त्याच्या अनेक अवगुणांचं त्याच्या गुणांबरोबरच विश्लेषण करणं म्हणूनच महत्त्वाचं ठरतं. हुकूमशाही आणि एकाधिकारशाही यांचं थैमान त्याच्या कारकिर्दीत बघायला मिळालं.

AuthorAtul Kahate
BindingKindle Edition
FormatKindle eBook
Language TypePublished
Number Of Pages672
Product GroupeBooks
Publication Date2017-11-01
Release Date2017-11-01
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