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Arjun, yearning to reconcile with his mother, returns to India after twelve long years along with a bunch of his British friends. However, his visit turns sour when his father’s ghost compels him to kill his mother for the reason, which worries him for the life of his friends and makes him realize that coming back to his home was the biggest mistake of his life.

***EXCERPT*** :-
'It was well after midnight when a strong gust of wind barged through the open windows, bludgeoning their hinged panels with each other, and blew out all the candles in the lounge, leaving them with long tendrils of smoke and thick solid wax hanging in frost-like drips from the sockets of their stands. The lounge went dark; but not dark enough, as the bright silvery moonlight, seeping through the open windows, spread all around the spacious lounge transforming everything into a large panoramic grayscale photograph, like the ones hanging along the marble staircase. But this ‘photograph’ wasn’t still like those; it was flickering, as the burglarizing winds were making the curtains dance along with their shabby shadows, frolicking all over the chapped-up walls. Gradually, the winds grew even stronger as the night progressed and, although the light stayed stable, the shadows grew erratic. Following the clattering of the window panels, an argument broke between the wind and the odd-shaped articles of the lounge, in terms of whooshes and hisses, turning the night’s silence into a mere fallacy.
However, the tired tourists from London were lost in their dreams, oblivious of the night’s outburst, behind the security of their latched doors.
But something was wrong with Prakash; he didn’t seem to be having a dream, but a nightmare perhaps. Earlier, he had contentedly headed off to sleep alone but now he was frantically squirming all over the bed and had even thrown off his sheet in his sleep. The same silvery moonlight was falling all over his bed but had failed to reach up to the corners of the room and they were rendered totally darkened. The air inside his room was dead still as all the glass-windows were latched-up and he had started to get asphyxiated in the room that was increasingly turning uncomfortably warm. While fidgeting incoherently in his sleep, he pulled his hands up to his ears and bolted upright while seizing them tightly, as if a loud scream had been ringing in his ears. He was completely soaked in his sweat and was panting heavily. He frantically gawked around the room for his jug of water when another loud scream came from the other room; it was Renée’s scream. He hurried off his bed and ran up to the door. However, as he pulled the rusty latch with great tremendous effort, he noticed from the corner of his eye, a distinct figure standing tall towards the far blind corner of the room, quite close to his bedstead. His grip around the latch of the half-opened door loosened, as his palms went numb. With a weak shudder developing in his spine, he slowly started to turn around, but was abruptly diverted by the sound of Arjun and Priyanka’s footsteps, as they ran towards Renée’s room, through the corridor. The shudder in his spine came to a sudden halt and he gazed around the whole room, rather boldly, and found nothing but the different shades of shadows everywhere in the room. He squeezed his eyes hard and rubbed his hand across his face with a thought to wipe any of the residual fear off his face to avoid inviting any mockery from his friends.'

AuthorKushaagra Mathur
BindingKindle Edition
FormatKindle eBook
Language TypePublished
Number Of Pages239
Product GroupeBooks
Publication Date2017-10-11
Release Date2017-10-11
Sales Rank85255

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