Yaduk and the Gods of Seabor
(Kindle Edition)

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Yaduk and the Gods of Seabor earned a "Notable Mention" in the prestigious Amazon Pen to Publish 2017 competition and is an Amazon bestseller!!

In brief, Yaduk is a young cowherd who lives in Lachvi, an ancient village that existed in the Himalayas in 294 B.C. He is abducted by the mountain god - an eerie spirit that roams in the mountains and devours young cowherds!

The mountain god travels through black holes and carries Yaduk to his home planet, Seabor, which is a strange world of undulating liquid helium oceans and glowing radioactive forests. He introduces him to his people, the iljjocks.

The iljjocks are godlike creatures that look like animals. A dog-faced iljjock informs Yaduk that he has been brought to Seabor for a great purpose- he had to mate one of them and attain divine powers! This, to help them fight against their enemies, the vile and vicious seamones!

Then onwards, begins Yaduk’s hilarious and eye-popping adventure! He gets deeply involved with the locals and to attain divine powers, even fancies marrying a goat-faced iljjock. But, it turns out that the iljjocks mate with their souls and their souls don’t match!

Finally, Yaduk finds an iljjock soulmate, falls in love with her and marries her. Just when he is about to settle into a life of marital bliss, he gets involved in violent skirmishes with the seamones that result in staggering revelations about life, death and the universe!

Yaduk lives in Seabor for twenty-four days. In that short period, he manages to lose his human body, gets a new iljjock one, manages to get his soul scattered, heals back again, travels back to the past to watch the birth of the universe and finally mates with an iljjock to attain divine powers!

Finally, he is ready to go back to Earth and share the divine powers with the entire human race. But, for a minor complication! For one day that passes on Seabor, a hundred years pass on Earth. More than two thousand years have passed since he was abducted from Lachvi!


"The review I read for Yaduk and the Gods of Seabor promised a multi genre novel and it certainly delivered on promise. I would go so far as to say that it is one of the most imaginative science fiction novels I have read this year and it was quite refreshing to come across a novel that was wholly original. What I particularly liked about the novel was that it not only proved entertaining but also raised some interesting points on faith and our place in the universe. I think in general science fiction has become a bit prescriptive, especially when it comes to themes like alien contact, and so it is always good to come across a book that is notably different." - Joanna E Johnson, UK

"Set apart from mainstream science fiction, YADUK AND THE GODS OF SEABOR is a very intriguing and thought-provoking tale. The narrative is fast paced and in a very entertaining manner, reflects on deeper questions that have haunted humanity since times immemorial. From ancient Himalayas to a planet of liquid helium oceans and to someplace in the divine continuum where souls of the dead are chattering to each other like it was a flea market, the author stuns you with a number of out-of-the-world but hilarious situations! I am completely in awe of the author's imaginative prowess! Must read!" - Indrani Ganguly, Editor, Readomania Publishing

AuthorAnita Vaani
BindingKindle Edition
FormatKindle eBook
Language TypePublished
Number Of Pages280
Product GroupeBooks
Publication Date2017-09-19
Release Date2017-09-19
Sales Rank41837

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