CONFIDENCE (A Series of Books of Therapeutic Suggestions for Golfers)
(Kindle Edition)

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A top psychiatrist shows the path to better golf. It works. It works by empowering the golfer.

One of the foremost problems for golfers is the mental game.  When the golfer's mind is in a good spot (the best mental zone), the game improves.  The score suffers when a golfer's focus turns off and thoughts slide out-of-control.  Learning the mental game improves confidence and play greatly.  

Dr. Fuller teaches a technique that allows each golfer to reach and maintain their best mental zone.   Dr. Fuller’s writing is different. He writes weird, in steps and stutters, like a therapist talks. He places unreliable language errors for particular therapeutic effects.

Seeing, hearing, reading these unique messages drives advice into the brain like a 95 mph club head speed drives the ball down the fairway.

Dr. Fuller uses his unique communication style to help the golfer go into the best mental zone when it matters most.

This mental approach to golf is available in three media. The paperback makes a perfect book to read before sleep. It is even better for the insomniac. The ebook can go with the golfer everywhere — find your birdie zone during the day.

Nick Sarando narrates the audiobook. His performance allows therapeutic messages to be accepted -- ready for use -- to put the listener into the best mental zone. Listen in the car, at the gym, and on the practice range or green.

Nearly everyone has hyper-focus in certain situations.   Golfers already possess this gift of focused concentration.  The role of GOODBYE BOGEYS is to transform this focus into a consistent and reproducible mental zone.  In other words, enhance this neglected, longstanding trait into an automatic skill.

GOODBYE BOGEYS builds confidence and shuts out distractions.

GOODBYE BOGEYS fine tunes the ability to keep only proper thoughts and positive vibes in mind during the swing.

The best mental zone develops over time.  

Periodic booster sessions maintain success.  Its mystery is simple.  GOODBYE BOGEYS becomes a natural, automatic part of the golfer's unconscious mental life.

Dr. Fuller does not try to fix swing mechanics.  

Please go to a swing instructor to improve setup fundamentals, to hone swing mechanics, to correct flaws, to learn distance control, to strike the ball better, to putt consistently, and the like.  This book improves mental performance making GOODBYE BOGEYS an outstanding addition to golf instruction and practice.

Dr. Fuller uses a blend of cognitive behavioral therapy, self-hypnosis, and sport psychology.  This layering of concepts is a powerful tool to mobilize inner resources.  

GOODBYE BOGEYS is the first in a series of books of therapeutic suggestions for golfers.  Think of this edition as an introduction to a new world of mental techniques designed to achieve full potential.  Subsequent books look at other elements for performance improvement.

GOODBYE BOGEYS stands as the foundation.  Future books in the series build on this bedrock.  Success takes place indirectly in the form of fuller self-trust, unleashed inner wisdom, heightened insight, clearer thinking, and improved self-confidence.

AuthorDr. Fuller
BindingKindle Edition
FormatKindle eBook
Language TypePublished
Number Of Pages50
Product GroupeBooks
Publication Date2017-08-13
Release Date2017-08-13
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