Learning Bash Shell Scripting Gently
(Kindle Edition)

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With the automation menace hovering over us, it is imperative that we equip ourselves with skills that can preserve our jobs for the years to come.
Competition will be tough. IT Industry experts express concern that 60% of IT workers may lose their jobs. However, it is not that we don't face challenges now. After a certain age, the ability to absorb new skills gradually diminishes, it wouldn't have mattered say 20 years back. But now, experienced folks are not seen as assets in a company but merely as units for which the company pays a certain amount of money. The prevailing idea is why not get the job done by a fresher/intern from a College. There will be a dip in quality but that's ok. In such a scenario, it becomes important that we bring value to our jobs by learning new technologies and if they don't appreciate it, then, well, we can always search for greener pastures. Shell Scripting in Linux is my response to the threat of automation. Let's confront the fears that haunt us and get on with it. I am sure we can ride this so-called wave of automation with better skills and better quality of life for our families

Learning Shell Scripting gently
Target Audience:
Chapter 1 : Going Thru Linux Fundamentals
What is BASH?
What are streams?
What is Redirection?
Explain Permissions?
What are Variables?
Chapter 2 : Local variables versus Environment variables
Double or Single Quotes?
What are Local Variables?
What are Variable brace expansions?
How to perform Mathematical Calculations on the Shell?
Command Substitutions
Chapter 3 : Customizing your environment
What are Personal Settings?
Chapter 4 : Shell Features
Command Structure
What is the Path Variable?
Chapter 5 : Exit Status with AND and OR operators
AND operator
Chapter 6 : Escaping Characters
Chapter 7 : The Command Interpreter
Chapter 8 : Interact with users using read
Chapter 9 : Introducing If-Then-Else-ELIF
What are Positional Parameters?
What are Special Parameters?
Understanding impact of echo in your script.
Various structures of if- then-else-elif
Primary Expressions:
Using Test
Integer Operators used with test [ ]
Chapter 10 : Looking at Looping
Chapter 11: Detour to sed
Using Regular expression in sed
Using square brackets to match a single character:
More sed modifiers
Chapter 12: Working with Case conditionals
Argument Identifier
Chapter 13: Loops Again
The While and Until loops.
While loop examples
Until loop examples
Break and Continue
Continue loop
Chapter 14: Introducing Functions
Chapter 15: AWK
Chapter 16: Shell Commands that you must know
The printf command
The alias command
The cut command
The grep command
The tar Command
Chapter 17: What are Regular Expressions?

AuthorSujata Biswas
BindingKindle Edition
FormatKindle eBook
Language TypePublished
Number Of Pages217
Product GroupeBooks
Publication Date2017-06-12
Release Date2017-06-12
Sales Rank5915

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