(REVENGE or LOVE? Book 2)
(Kindle Edition)

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LOVE and HATE are two sides of the same coin...

Sia and Ajay's story began where most romances ended. But instead of a happily-ever-after, their marriage was a match made in hell, that was completely based on Sia's manipulation and lies. However, over the course of time, they opened up to each other, each willing to work it out between them for the sake of their unborn child. And soon, it wasn't just about the baby. They had fallen in love with each other.

But their happiness didn't last long. Dark secrets and betrayal were revealed. And this time, it was Ajay's manipulation and lies that were threatening to tear them apart.

Will Sia and Ajay find their happily ever after? Or was their love doomed from the start? Find out in—RUTHLESS.


She pushed him away from her. "I hate you so much for this. I'll never forgive you for ruining everything!"

His eyes flared. He closed the distance between them, and held her arms. "You hate me? Show me how much you hate me," he growled, pulling her even closer.

The adrenaline rushing through her body picked up even more.

"Come on. Prove it to me," he whispered the challenge against her mouth before kissing her hard.

She bit him. Not the gentle bite that she often used to drive him crazy. But a punishing bite, hard enough for her to taste the metallic tang of his blood.

He didn't flinch, and neither did he release the hold on her. She felt a strange combination of blood-lust, and another more familiar kind of lust coursing through her veins. But, before it consumed her completely, she shoved him away hard.

With blood tricking down his lip, he watched her with an intensity that made the blood roar in her ears, making it deafening, muting any reason or sense that would stop the madness from taking over her.

He wiped his bloody lip with his thumb and smirked. "I'm glad you had no one to take care of your pent up aggression. You are more than welcome to take it out on me tonight."

Listening to his taunting words, she lost it completely. She attacked him like an animal. Baring her teeth and nails, she jumped towards him. But he was ready for her. He wrapped both his arms around her possessively, crushing her close until she could barely move.

And then, he kissed her again.

NOTE: Ruthless is a Fast-Paced, Passionate and Bestselling Romantic Suspense Novel.

AuthorM.V. Kasi
BindingKindle Edition
FormatKindle eBook
Language TypePublished
Number Of Pages200
Product GroupeBooks
Publication Date2017-06-16
Release Date2017-06-16
Sales Rank1214

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