Secrets to modern woman's heart - I
What women really want ? Be ready to be shocked! (Secrets of Women Book 1)
(Kindle Edition)

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Ever wondered how female mind thinks and behaves?

Get inside a female mind and learn techniques to manage it.

Author writes on Quora (2500 followers, 3 million views) and rated 4.33 stars at Good Reads.


  1. How to create LONG LASTING attraction with girls, using the holy grail method of seduction, Fractionation (Science backed seduction method).

  2. What to say to a girl while meeting for the FIRST TIME?  

  3. How to text to girls ? Four MOST IMPORTANT, never failing rules of texting.

  4. How to flirt with girls in sexual manner ? TWO SOLID never failing rules of flirting.

  5. How to successively avoid/pass 'NICE GUY' tests ? Top three Methods to avoid 'Dump Test' and 'Bitching Test'.

  6. The GIRLS BIGGEST TURN OFF ? Learn about No. ONE thing girls hates the most in any MAN.

  7. How to approach any girl without fearing rejection?

  8. How to get a girl talking ? How to continue conversation without getting stuck? You need this ONLY ONE method to talk to girl for hours.

  9. Which ONE THING WOMEN LOVE the most in their MAN?

  10. Four Subtle Tests of women and methods to beat them.


From the book

"You created a fractionation pattern by successively creating pain and pleasure response. Further you are the cause of both.This is the basic of all techniques of dealing with women. You create both pain and pleasure in quick succession and some times in one sentence like ‘ You look good but your hair could have been better’. Most guys there focus only on pleasure and fail to deliver emotional ups and downs, which women crave".

One more : 'Rules of texting'

"vii. Never be too available. This is again a test by girl to know your status. If you are always free for her, your value goes down.

viii. Never chat with her for longer duration, especially when she is free. She will use you for time pass and dump you! Chat only when she is busy and finds time from her busy slot for you. Create false timestamps and ways to leave conversation early. Tell her beforehand at times that you have to go after 10 minutes. Create time constraints.

A common trick used by girls to test your ‘nice guy’ status is to attract you, give attention for some time and then slowly back off ! yes this evil!"

TIPS for dealing with women.

  • Be confident.Fake it if you don't have it. No tricks are bigger than genuine confidence.
  • Dress in an stylish manner. Get a haircut from better saloon. Fashion and style are primary weakness of women. However inane they might sound to you but good dressing sense works.
  • Never and I say never let any women know that you are interested in her. She will try all ways to get that interest out of you. Be ambiguous. Flirt but never say explicitly that you love her.Never.
  • It is always more effective to be emotional with women. Find emotion in stray dog and they will love you like addicts. Women are emotional junkies.
  • Never take any word of women on face value. They do rant about things, complain but never feel it that deeply. 
  • Never apologize or justify your actions.

AuthorHemant Pandey
BindingKindle Edition
FormatKindle eBook
Language TypePublished
Number Of Pages64
Product GroupeBooks
Publication Date2017-04-18
Release Date2017-04-18
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