Killing China
What They Never Told Us About China and China's Secret
(Kindle Edition)

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Thank you, you have in your hands one man's adventure with China. I did not travel to China with the goal of writing a book. In China, I was shocked by what I saw. I was planning three trips into China. Two trips of a month each, to get the lay of the land and a final trip to last one year, where I would buckle down to a year-long study of Mandarin Chinese
Today I do not feel China will let me return because of what is in my book. China has been able to create a fog that is all Foreigners get to see. Americans have never taken a serious look at China. China was also shocked by me. They have had no contact with American whose ancestors traveled across Asia 50,000 years ago and into the American Continent via the Bering Strait.
Walking into Tibet was just the opposite. I experienced the warm welcome of the Tibetan people. The Tibetan people made me feel loved. They did what I did not expect: I felt like I was back home. I was truly blessed and overtaken by their warmth and gentle kindness. Visiting Tibet was a once in a lifetime experience. They are wonderful people.
I traveled as a tourist, that is all I considered myself. I believe every American and everyone in the Western World should travel to China. The United States and China are powder kegs both ready to explode. The world needs to see this and not be surprised by the next Pearl Harbor in Asia or America.
I grew up in the Inner-City of Phoenix, Arizona. I acknowledge that while my writing skills are poor, this is a book that I felt compelled to write. While reading my words, bear in mind that America’s Inner-City children are often very poorly educated. We need to see their words, here are my words. I am certain my Harvard Professors were in shock when they read my written work. I am not ashamed. I am who I am, and I will not cover it up. We need to encourage our Inner-City Youth to write about their lives and seek out as much education as possible. The Inner-City experience gives people a different way to view cities and social organizations. This point of view can be very helpful to understanding foreign cultures like The Peoples Republic of China.
The United States needs a fresh approach in approaching foreign policy. In the past sending in the country club and retired military set into different countries has not produced many lasting benefits for the American people.
My architecture, business education, and travel experience are what guides my writing. I have no ill feeling towards the people of China. My opinion of Chinese architecture comes from walking miles across Beijing and Shanghai. I experienced public spaces and analyzed what I saw and experienced in front of me. I did not visit any Architecture Schools or visited any Architectural Juries.
If you visit Shanghai, go to the Urban Planning Museum and tour the Urban Planning Model of Shanghai. It is on a scale that you will not see anywhere else in the world. Before you enter any public space or building, ask yourself, "How does this design reflect man's view of man's creation on earth?" Compare your reflections with the architecture of Western civilization. Do you see the everything differently now?
In March 2017, we see the United States government acting like a chicken with its head cut off and running in many crazy directions. China is moving quickly towards a wall as it travels in an endless figure eight loop. It is about to hit a solid wall. Walk across China and see if you don't get a sense of what is about to happen.
China is very interesting and intriguing civilization. Travel there with you eyes open. Say little, enjoy yourself, stay safe in China and learn from your China adventure. Walk slowly, and you may just see Cyber Spying. This book is packed with information to keep you safe and gives you information about ideas that most travelers to China will never learn.

Mike Enriquez

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Publication Date2017-06-12
PublisherEnriquez International
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