Minimalist Makeover
Four Easy, Step-by-Step Strategies To Simplify Your Life Just As Much As You Want - Balance Minimalism and Consumerism
(Kindle Edition)

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Is your life filled with valuable objects that don’t make you happy? Do you feel anxious from the clutter inhabiting your life? Would you like to simply let go and find peace of mind?

Your happiness costs less than you think. You deserve a stress-free life - where the things you own serve you and help you live a well-balanced life. Learn how to be better off with less in Minimalist Makeover.

Keep balance at the edge of minimalism and consumerism.

In this book I will present you 4 step-by-step minimalist methodologies, the best from around the world, to give you a perspective on how to declutter your house, your mind, and your life. Learn to let go of everything that is not important in your life and find methods that give you a peace of mind and happiness instead.

Minimalist Makeover will help you if:

• You feel that stress is overwhelming your life
You wish to downsize your surroundings
• You wish to trade possessions for happy memories
You want to discover exactly how much you can simplify your needs
• You wish to familiarize with the best techniques for decluttering, aesthetically simplifying, creating mental peace

Minimalism is an inversely proportional process: the less you do, the more will you have. And the less you keep, the happier you’ll be.

What else will you get if you read this book?:

•Four step by step minimalist methods
What are those things that are worth paying for to live a fuller life
•What is worth learning in order to live simply in a consumerist world
How to avoid being a minimalism consumerist

Living minimally will benefit you with a clarity of mind. Your surroundings will become more transparent and easily manageable . You’ll have more freedom – mental and financial . If you don’t overstretch your budget paying your bills and buying food in the week before salary won’t be a problem anymore. If you choose a minimalist, mindful lifestyle, you’ll have fewer (but more quality) needs to satisfy. And often these don’t even request money.

A minimalist life will reduce stress in your days . Imagine a world where you wouldn’t have to go home each day to see a messy house, you wouldn’t buy worthless things just to impress others and you wouldn’t trade your time for valueless conversations. If you choose to get minimal, you’ll have it.

Don’t feel obliged to believe and use everything you read. You will succeed to create your own best minimalist lifestyle if you don’t adopt everything from this book. Minimalism is not a must, but a choice without any pressure or negative consequence.

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AuthorZoe McKey
BindingKindle Edition
FormatKindle eBook
Language TypePublished
Number Of Pages124
Product GroupeBooks
Publication Date2017-04-02
PublisherKalash Media
Release Date2017-04-02
StudioKalash Media
Sales Rank63430

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