Plantar Fasciitis Self Muscle-Screen, Easy Corrective Exercises and Resourceful Environment Fixes
The New Strategy for Balanced, Pain-Free Heels and Feet
(Kindle Edition)

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Got heel pain that won't go away? This is a straight forward book that gives you powerful tools for defeating one of the most common muscle imbalances.

Here's what you'll get inside:

Pics for all the exercises and concepts for easy comprehension.

An assessment/foot screen that takes about 3 seconds to do - provides information as to why PF is worse when you get out of bed.

Easy-to-do, minimalist activation exercises and stretches (with pics).

Powerful and essential environment fixes for your that are resourceful and free (with pics).

A 5 part program at the end that will help you rid PF FAST.

Rescreen after the corrective so you can get visual confirmation that the exercises are working.

It is short but has a lot of useful information for defeating annoying heal pain.

Here is a free sample from the book:
My Plantar Fasciitis Story
I’ve personally had PF a few times in my life. The worst case was recently when I began to jog/run 3 miles a day consistently. I’ve had pretty much every muscle imbalance imaginable (the worst being a completely dead left hip) and muscle activation has fixed them all. But plantar fasciitis, this mysterious heel pain, was the most persistent of all. It seemed immune to what always had worked for me in the past. I began to research it and talk to friends about it. PF plays by different rules. The heel pain was always worse when I got from bed in the morning and sometimes when I got up from sitting. If I walked or jogged, it would go away. It was inconsistently consistent and therefore baffling.
One day I decided to talk to an acquaintance of mine who runs ultra-marathons about it. She was of absolutely no help. To our surprise, however, the lady in the office next door was. She heard us talking and poked her head out the door and said “did you say you have plantar fasciitis?”
“Yes,” I said.
“I had that for years. My physical therapist explained to me that…”
And she went on to explain the cause and the solution.
She turned on a light bulb for me. And what a coincidence!
She didn’t just show me an exercise or two. She explained WHY my heel pain was worse when I woke up in the morning and when I stood up from sitting. She explained WHY it kept coming back despite the normally effective muscle activation exercises. She explained WHY I had been thinking about it the wrong way.

Plantar Fasciitis Plays By Different Rules
PF is a muscle imbalance, but it is a very persistent muscle imbalance that is difficult to get rid of. Anyone who says there is one single miracle fix is misinformed. I’ve had chronic muscle imbalances fixed in a matter of seconds, never to return again. For example, years ago I developed a “dead hip” with chronic knee pain. My gluteus medius and quadratus lumborum (a big hip stabilizing muscle located around your pants pocket and the pelvic stabilizing muscle that pulls your pelvis up to the side, respectively) had atrophied because of an imbalanced sitting posture. I habitually sat with my pelvis hiked up to the side and my left leg internally rotated. There was some old computer sitting under my desk that caused me to contort my posture. I had no idea at the time that those two things caused all strength in my left leg to dissipate accompanied by chronic “feels like a knife” knee pain on the left side.
My point in saying this is that once I did the corrective exercise and stopped sitting like this by removing the thing under my desk, my hip was fine, my knee pain was gone, and it never came back. I wouldn’t describe the fix as being difficult. In fact, it was easy. Plantar fasciitis, on the other hand, takes more work. You must fight it from several different directions to get a handle on it. In my opinion, it is not something you can fix with an stretch or an activation exercise only, although those tools are essential.

AuthorSean Schniederjan
BindingKindle Edition
FormatKindle eBook
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Number Of Pages28
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Publication Date2017-03-09
Release Date2017-03-09
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