8 Excellent Tips for Good Dental Hygiene
A Specialist Dentist Perspective (Dental & Oral Health Wellness
(Kindle Edition)

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“I bеlіеvе, іt is nоt only necessary to provide excellent dental treatment to the patient with high-quality care, but it is also essential to еduсаtе & motivate them regarding various treatment modalities dentistry has to offer, to enhance dental health wellness, empowering them tоwards a healthy living.”

There is an abundance of literature available online, though in a scattered manner, on tips for good oral hygiene. This leads to confusion and sometimes is misleading. This comprehensive book aims to answer and serve as a useful guide to all the queries regarding how to maintain excellent Dental Health. (Precaution, Prevention & Treatment.)

An essential quick reference coffee table Dental Health Wellness book for every Home & Dental Office Reception.

8 Excellent Tips for Good Dental Hygiene: A Specialist Dentist Perspective
 (Book - 1)
A book in series on Dental & Oral health Wellness, written in a lucid and straightforward language, to help readers understand the importance of excellent dental hygiene & how it can be achieved.

This book is written to help bridge the intellectual gap between dental professionals and patients, as it comprehensively covers all the relevant topics on Dental and Oral Health.
Hopefully, this book will enlighten and serve as a useful guide to achieve a better understanding about Dental Health Wellness.

Your Journey Towards Excellent Dental Health Starts Right Now!

Are you taking care of your dental health?
When did you last visit your dentist?
Have you been putting off a visit to the dental clinic, despite a slight irritation in gums, or an obvious decay or discoloration of one of your teeth?
Regular visits to the dentist are more than making sure that you have an attractive smile; it is also about ascertaining the risk of a chronic disease, such as type 2 diabetes.
Research shows that your dental health reflects your physical and mental health. A healthy mouth bodes overall excellent health. However, when you have poor oral health, this could lead to other more serious ailments.
Getting yourself checked by a dentist on a regular basis prevents the onset of gum disease and other health complications. Women with gum disease, for example, are more likely to have a pre-term childbirth. Indeed, over 90 percent of the systemic diseases that affect the body originate as an oral health issue, such as swollen gums, ulcers, dry mouth, etc.
Diabetes, Pancreatic Cancer, Leukaemia, Heart Disease, Oral Cancer, Kidney disease — all can be detected at an early stage with a regular dental check-up.

Topics discussed herein, inform and educate on various oral health problems. Emphasis on the importance of visiting a dentist has been generously made in this book. The general perception is that all dental services are expensive. This is a myth— what’s much more expensive are the consequences of not visiting your dentist on time!

The dentist makes sure that your oral health is in order, and that your teeth are perfectly fine. They correct the misalignment in your teeth and treat any tooth decay, cavities or discolouration. The dentist detects any developments that may point out to other more dangerous health issues lurking in the future.

So, visit your dentist on time, for a routine examination and follow ups. Meanwhile, I hope this book motivates and educate you towards positive oral & dental health.

“Stay Aware, Informed, Educated & Motivated About the Current Trends & Future Perspectives In Dentistry.”

Prof. Dr. Ninad Moon

AuthorProf. Dr. Ninad Moon
BindingKindle Edition
FormatKindle eBook
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Publication Date2017-05-05
Release Date2017-05-05
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