The Theory of Karma
What is the topic today? It's You
(Kindle Edition)

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The Theory of Karma? What? This looks like a spiritual book. I should probably keep it back into the shelf as I live in the age of reason and scientific advancement in which spirituality just doesn’t appeal to me. (If it does then well done)

But hold on a minute! Read the title again. “The Theory of Karma”. Now observe the last word. Karma or action is the factor that is taking place in literally every single moment of your life. Doesn’t matter if you are sleeping, eating, drinking, thinking, procrastinating, working or as a matter of fact reading this summary – you are doing karma all the time, every time.

All of us might agree that the action we do has an impact on our lives in some way or the other….but how is that most of us end up living a life in which we think that a factor of destiny decides a lot of things? Why do we end up thinking life is unfair? Why does someone who has the proper understanding is not able to make a change in their lives? In short, how do we start being helpless in front of our own karma? The concept of action was so simple yet our existence becomes complex at some point of time.

Observe around you and inside you and there must be many incidences where the answer wasn’t a straight one. They happen all the time. So does this book really answers all of your questions about life? Most certainly not. However, a thing that this book does is that it becomes a friend of yours who just wants to talk.

All this book presents in front of you is a simple discussion. The theme of this book isn’t fiction, fantasy, philosophy or the most obvious spiritualism. The theme of this book is you.

So let’s engage ourselves to explore about your life and the way things are happening around you karmically. I will make you observe, I will make you feel and I will make you think (real hard sometimes). In all of this maybe you might find whatever you are looking for in that special life of yours.

Let’s start interacting.

Best Wishes.
Shantanu Bhardwaj

Book Length - 102 Pages

AuthorShantanu Bhardwaj
BindingKindle Edition
FormatKindle eBook
Language TypePublished
Product GroupeBooks
Publication Date2017-02-19
Release Date2017-02-19
Sales Rank110336

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