Learn Hacking in 1 Day
Complete Hacking Guide with Examples
(Kindle Edition)

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If you are attracted to Hacking world, this book must be your first step. This book teaches you how to think like hackers and protect your computer system from malware, viruses, etc. It will give you insight on various techniques and tools used by hackers for hacking. The book demonstrates how easy it is to penetrate other system and breach cyber security. At the same time, you will also learn how to fight these viruses with minimum damage to the system. Irrespective of your background, you will easily understand all technical jargons of hacking covered in the book.

It also covers the testing methods used by ethical hackers to expose the security loopholes in the system. Once familiar with the basic concept of hacking in this book, even dummies can hack a system. Not only beginners but peers will also like to try hands-on exercise given in the book.

Practical Hacking Guide. Covers the following

Chapter 1: Introduction
What is hacking?
Common hacking terminologies
What is Cybercrime?
What is ethical hacking?
Chapter 2: Potential Security Threats
What is a threat?
What are Physical Threats?
What are Non-physical Threats?
Chapter 3: Hacking Tools & Skills
What is a programming language?
What languages should I learn?
What are hacking tools?
Commonly Used Hacking Tools
Chapter 4: Social Engineering
What is social engineering?
Common Social Engineering Techniques
Social Engineering Counter Measures
Chapter 5: Cryptography
What is cryptography?
What is cryptanalysis?
What is cryptology?
Encryption Algorithms
Hacking Activity: Hack Now!
Chapter 6: Cracking Password
What is password cracking?
What is password strength?
Password cracking techniques
Password Cracking Tools
Password Cracking Counter Measures
Chapter 7: Trojans, Viruses and Worms
What is a Trojan?
What is a worm?
What is a virus?
Trojans, viruses and worms counter measures
Chapter 8: Network Sniffers
What is IP and MAC Addresses
What is network sniffing?
Passive and Active Sniffing
What is ARP Poisoning?
What is a MAC Flooding?
Sniffing the network using Wireshark
Chapter 9: Hack Wireless Networks
What is a wireless network?
How to access a wireless network?
Wireless Network Authentication
How to Crack Wireless Networks
Cracking Wireless network WEP/WPA keys
Chapter 10: DoS(Denial of Service) Attacks
What is DoS Attack?
Type of DoS Attacks
How DoS attacks work
DoS attack tools
Chapter 11: Hack a Web Server
Web server vulnerabilities
Types of Web Servers
Types of Attacks against Web Servers
Web server attack tools
Chapter 12: Hack a Website
What is a web application? What are Web Threats?
How to protect your Website against hacks ?
Hacking Activity: Hack a Website !
Chapter 13: SQL Injection
What is a SQL Injection?
How SQL Injection Works
Other SQL Injection attack types
Automation Tools for SQL Injection

AuthorKrishna Rungta
BindingKindle Edition
FormatKindle eBook
Language TypePublished
Number Of Pages112
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Publication Date2016-08-08
Release Date2016-08-08
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