The Bitcoin Tutorial
Develop an intuitive understanding of the currency and blockchain technology
(Kindle Edition)

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Bitcoin has attracted its share of headlines, hype, and hyperbole. Do you want to truly understand the crypto-currency and its underlying blockchain technology, so you can reach your own conclusions and make informed decisions?

The Bitcoin Tutorial is a unique approach to fully understanding Bitcoin. It starts by explaining contemporary cryptography and confidently works through the blockchain and the currency. Each concept is explained from first principles, building upon the preceding material. Intuition is developed step-by-step, fostering real understanding.

Some elements of Bitcoin are counter-intuitive, for example, the bitcoin blockchain is completely public AND the bitcoin currency is fantastically secure. That may strike you as contradictory because, based on conventional thinking, "public" connotes unprotected and "secure" implies secret.

The Bitcoin Tutorial pulls back the curtain and de-mystifies key elements including cryptography, transactions, blocks, the blockchain, the peer-to-peer network, full nodes, mining nodes, wallets, and of course, the bitcoin currency. Counter-intuitive elements are explained and contradictions are resolved.

The Bitcoin Tutorial is written for a broad spectrum of readers, from the intellectually curious to the technically savvy:

  • New users deciding if and how to get started
  • Existing users wanting more knowledge and confidence
  • Developers eager to understand the technology behind the APIs
  • Investors performing due diligence on blockchain companies
Chapters are structured in sections of increasing detail to match your level of interest:

"The view from 30,000 feet" sections provide a non-technical summary of the topic at hand making use of physical-world analogies. The material is simple and accurate, without being dumbed down.

"The view from the ground" sections present the core of the topic step-by-step, building complete understanding. There are lots examples--many using actual transactions and blocks in the bitcoin blockchain--explained in their entirety without hand-waving or shortcuts.

"The view for the truly curious" sections take a deep-dive into select topics. The material is intended for those of you keen on "sticking your head under the hood" for a closer look at the underlying machinery.

Blockchain technology has tremendous potential in applications outside crypto-currency: there is broad interest in financial, legal, government, and other circles. The Bitcoin Tutorial focuses on the bitcoin blockchain, as it is both widely recognized and wonderfully accessible to everyone.

[from the author] While researching Bitcoin for my own work, I realized that most of the literature tells the story awkwardly: starting with bitcoin the currency and slowly working back to the underlying blockchain technology. Mystifying concepts are presented and readers are left hoping they'll "get it" later. The innovative blockchain technology is oversimplified. Essential fundamentals such as cryptography are glossed over. None of that helps readers develop an intuitive understanding of Bitcoin.

As explained above, The Bitcoin Tutorial takes a different approach. You'll learn and understand more about bitcoin and blockchain technology. My ultimate objective for writing this book? Equip you with the intuitive understanding needed for informed, confident use and exploration of the bitcoin currency and blockchain technology!

AuthorBruce Kleinman
BindingKindle Edition
FormatKindle eBook
Language TypePublished
Number Of Pages239
Product GroupeBooks
Publication Date2016-05-27
Release Date2016-05-27
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