The Magic Of Being Hacker - Disinfecting 101
(Kindle Edition)

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Are you infected ? Are you Hacked ? Disinfect your digital world with the help of a Hacker's Guide. This book includes complete information with screenshots on how to disinfect and deworm your computer and remove viruses , malwares , adwares and other unwanted stuff from your computer.

Contents :
1.1.1 Malware
1.1.2 Computer Viruses
1.1.3 Boot Sector Viruses
1.1.4 Trojan Horse
1.1.5 Adwares
1.1.6 Keyloggers
1.1.7 Botnets
1.1.8 Ransomeware
1.1.9 Rescue Disc or DVD
1.1.10Browser Hijackers
1.1.11Malicious Toolbars
1.1.12Security News Malwares
Going through Statistics
1.2.1 Home Users Statistics
1.2.2 Impacts of malware threats
1.2.3 Expensive computer viruses
1.2.4 Top 10 Countries with Most Virus Threats
Understanding BAT virus files
1.3.1 Harmful Virus 1
1.3.2 Harmful Virus 2
1.3.3 Computer Crashing Virus
Backup your personal and business data
1.4.1 USB Flash Drive Backup
1.4.2 Online Backup Services
Stopping virus and malware processes
1.5.1 Entering Safe Mode
1.5.2 Using RogueKiller
1.5.3 Using Rkill
Managing Startup Application
1.6.1 Selective Startup Options
Dealing with Ransomware
1.7.1 Introduction
1.7.2 Using Kickstart
1.7.3 Using Hitman Pro
Dealing with Viruses
1.8.1 Removing Autorun.inf
1.8.2 Removing copy of shortcuts
Dealing with Malwares
1.9.1 TornTV
1.9.2 Search App Askv2
1.9.4 Cyber Monday Deals
1.9.5 GuardedWeb
1.9.6 Lampy Lighty
1.9.7 Deja Data
1.9.8 How to remove adwares from Windows 8
1.9.9 How to remove adwares from Vist / Windows 7
1.9.10How to remove adwares from Windows XP
1.9.11Removing adwares from Internet Explorer
1.9.12Removing adwares from Mozilla Firefox
1.9.13Removing adwares from Google Chrome
1.9.14Using AdwCleaner
Dealing with Rootkits
1.10.1Using Kaspersky TDSSKiller
1.10.2Using Symantec FixTDSS
1.10.3Windows Defender Offline
1.10.4Using Malwarebytes – AntiMalware
Web-based Malware Threat
1.11.1Internet Affecting Viruses
1.11.2Using MiniToolBox
Browser Hijackers and Malicious Toolbars
1.12.1Browser Hijackers
1.12.4Toolbar Removal
1.12.6Remove Browser hijackers and Toolbars from win 8 and 7
1.12.7Remove Browser hijackers and Toolbars from win XP
1.12.8Remove Browser hijackers and Toolbars from IE
1.12.9Remove Browser hijackers and Toolbars from Firefox
1.12.10Remove Browser hijackers and Toolbars from Chrome
Security News Malware Threat
1.13.1Facebook Virus or WTF – Youtube
1.13.2Top Cybercrime countries
Manual Disinfection
1.14.1Enable Boot Log
1.14.2Locate Infected Files
1.14.3How to disable File Permissions
1.14.4Deleting Infected Files
Microsoft Utilities
1.15.1Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool
1.15.2Microsoft Windows Defender
1.15.3Microsoft Firewall
1.15.4Microsoft Windows Diagnose and Fix it tool
Using Dr. Web Live DVD
Avira Utilities
1.17.1Avira Rescue System
1.17.2Avira Command Line Scanner
1.17.3Avira DNS repair Tool
1.17.4Avira PC – Cleanner
Kaspersky Rescue Disk
1.18.1Preparing USB Device
1.18.2Downloading Kaspersky Rescue Disk
1.18.4Configuring BIOS
1.18.5Booting from USB
Finishing Disinfection
1.19.1Using Ccleaner
1.19.3Disk Cleanup
Analyzing Anti-virus
1.20.1Tested Anti-virus
1.20.2Malware Removal Analysis
1.20.3Malware Removal Analysis Test Result
1.20.4Virus Removal Analysis
1.20.5Virus Removal Analysis Test Result
1.20.6Antivirus Features and Utilities
1.20.7Final Results

AuthorPriyank Gada
BindingKindle Edition
EditionEdition 2.0
FormatKindle eBook
Language TypePublished
Product GroupeBooks
Publication Date2016-03-31
PublisherPriyank Gada
Release Date2016-03-31
StudioPriyank Gada
Sales Rank474564

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