Aviation And Airplane
110 Years Of Historical Development And Technical Evolution
(Kindle Edition)

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Written by Ivan Jurilj - a Master of Aeronautical Engineering and former Air Force Officer, this book is trying to reveal the most important episodes of the amazing history of World aviation. At the same time it is focused on describing how airplane evolved, from its earliest days to modern times. Both military and civil airplanes went through unimaginable changes through the period of “only” 110 years - from fragile flying machines fighting to stay airborne, to mighty rulers of the sky capable of flying much faster than the speed of sound, to reach the edge of space and be able to bring continents to time distances of only a few hours.
Soon after the ingenious Wright brothers accomplished in 1903 the first flight in their Flyer airplane, war strategists started to evaluate if and how the airplane could be used in a war. In World War I the airplane was initially used for aerial reconnaissance, but soon it was armed with machine-guns and turned into the first fighter airplanes destined for aerial dominance.
Between two World Wars airplanes matured, both civil and military ones. Air races in Europe and USA were the main trigger for airplane development in those days, setting the path for future World War II fighter airplanes. Aerial explorers started to span the oceans and reach the furthest points of the planet Earth. Commercial aviation started to spread its wings as well, yet still reserved only for the richest individuals.
In World War II the strategic bombers had their full affirmation, unfortunately, being used in large amounts against cities and civil population as well. In the bloodiest World War the propeller airplane reached its zenith. Top fighter airplanes of the era could easily reach the flight speeds of more than 600 km/h, but not much more than that, with the propeller becoming a limiting factor. New revolution in airplane design was needed to allow further increase of flight speeds. This revolution came in the form of turbojet engines which enabled further giant step forward in airplane performances.
When aviation stepped into the jet era, the airplane designers were faced by a whole new range of challenges. Soon flight speeds approached the speed of sound which asked for a complete redesign of the airplane shape. Efforts to break the demonical sound barrier resulted in deaths of many pilots. Finally, Chuck Yeager officially became the first who managed to break the sound barrier in his X-1, in 1947.
Turbojet engines revolutionized commercial aviation as well. Still, when the British Comets started to disintegrate in the air, killing all aboard, the World of aviation encountered once more an unexplainable mystery. Finally, lessons were learnt and commercial jet aviation soon provided massive air travel to a wider population.
The Cold War and Arms Race, first of all between the USA and USSR, turned new pages in the development of combat aviation. Being constantly under the threat of nuclear war, the nations were investing huge resources into new combat airplane designs. Some of those designs looked like out of space. SR-71, legendary Black Bird, loaded with top reconnaissance equipment could fly at a speed of more than three times the speed of sound.
Among all combat airplanes multifunctional fighter airplanes from the end of 1980s reached the highest technical excellence. They were fast, maneuverable, capable of hitting the ground targets with pinpoint accuracy and aerial targets from the distances of a hundred kilometers…And then came the “stealth”, a term related mostly to low radar visibility of airplane.
All this and many other most interesting episodes, facts and details of world aviation and the most notable airplanes throughout the history, can be found in this book. Indeed, many answers that people ask themselves when looking at or hearing an airplane in the sky are given in this most interesting and readable book.

AuthorIvan Jurilj
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