The 30 most amazing Geography Facts
(Kindle Edition)

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Children's Books: Parents, your child can easily read and learn about

This book is part of a series of Children’s books; where children can read and learn independently, getting children reading and learning 30 topics in each book, all in a fun and easy way.

The manner of writings and the aim of this series is.

1) To get your child to learn things by him/herself in an easy and fun way.
So to this end, on the one hand, the books are not too easy to make them boring and on the other, they are not too difficult to get your child disheartened. This book and the series have been created with the middle ground in mind.
2) To get your child to progress from the simple and easy to the difficult and complex without realizing.
3) To be written and presented such, that your child can relate immediately to the contents.
It reduces the abstract and relies upon your child’s own experience and understanding. It inspires them to making reading and learning fun and enlightening.
4) To include questions to get your child to think and then the answers are given/presented.
Making your child thirsty to learn and building confidence.
Thinking, “Oh I knew that!”
5) To make your child appreciate that just by reading for a few minutes, you gain so much knowledge. This should drive your child to wanting to explore the world by reading and reading the book till the end.
6) To spark the child's curiosity and imagination.
Your child will see the world beyond his/her surroundings. The series cover a wide spectrum of knowledge your child can gain. Reading has no limit!
7) To have each topic around 200 words in length, so your child’s concentration span and attention is retained and thus reduce boredom.
The aim being to propel your child to want to read on and on.
8) To be a great companion to your child to take anywhere and everywhere! The book can be read at home, while traveling and at the bus stop. Anywhere! Read to them just before bedtime.
9) To be an aid to the school teacher and the caring parent
It takes great effort finding 30 appropriate topics on any subject. This series makes it easy for you.
10) To have 30 topics in each book. Why just 30 topics? The world class size average is around 30 pupils. The teacher can give a topic to each child and get each child to read, learn and teach the topic, making it fun, interacting and sociable for all.
Making reading and learning fun.
11) To be part of your child’s educational well being, be it at home or at school.

Your child deserves this.

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The 30 Most Amazing Geography Facts

In this book your child will learn about 30 Most Amazing Geographical Facts. It will alert your child to how the earth is inter-related to factors so far and wide. The thought that the sun provides plants food and thereafter we consume it to survive. Your child will get a better understanding of the weather cycles and how it affects our lives. This book intends to make geographical information relevant to your child’s life!

What causes the wind to blow?:
The atmosphere gets warm from the rays of the sun. The earth begins to warm up. The thing to note is that, the rays of the sun do not heat up the earth equally. It will warm up certain areas more than others. So the effect will be that in some areas, the air gets warmer than in other areas.

The price is kept as low as that of a candy, but the effect on your child’s education, possibly life changing and lifelong.

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Your child deserves this. What will you lose? This will be a lifetime investment in your child’s education and development.

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AuthorNuhh Adam
BindingKindle Edition
FormatKindle eBook
Language TypePublished
Number Of Pages39
Product GroupeBooks
Publication Date2016-01-02
Release Date2016-01-02
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