The Science of Mantras
An Ancient Tool to Law of Attraction
(Kindle Edition)

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Note: Scientific Approach has been applied during the research and write up.

What was so far considered a blind faith, or was prescribed to be practiced in highly impractical way had been simplified with strong rationale. Mantras have the power to make you achieve anything you could wish-for (it should be constructive & not destructive). All you need is to practice in a scientific way, which is discussed in detail as a content of this book.

This is the story of discussions between a sane common man and an insane mathematician, over the miraculous powers of Mantras. The story not only breaks the myths and wrong practices revolving around the Mantra chanting but also spreads light on the right ways and the practical approach towards the practice of chanting Mantras.

How does a man who started the journey for the sake of knowledge ends up using it to achieve what he had only dreamt of achieving in his life? How he filled the voids in his life? How he corrected the unhappy circumstances and got everything he so much wanted?
And also gave a lot to those who needed; he could because he had plenty.

Read it to your children who do not think wise about Mantra chanting; Read it to your parents who keep pressing you to do the Mantra chanting. Read it to yourself if you wish to reveal the hidden treasure. And read it if you love thrillers with happy endings.
Practice if you want something in life and have not been able to so far.

Rs. 20,00,000/- as signing amount, Rs. 20,00,000/- for the first draft (pre-substantial editing), Rs. 25,00,000/- when the script is ready to go for printing and Rs. 35,00,000/- on the day of launch of the book. It was a never-expected, but a dreamt deal of Rs. 100,00,000/- for the salesman-turned-writer, Vyom Garg . A span of one year with blind turns of the uphill and downhill had been travelled with a level-headed approach by him. It was not easy for an impatient person known for his lose temperament during the first decade of his career.

He had published two books before he got to this deal, both the subjects were distant from each other but attempted the same purpose – educating the reader in an entertaining way to reduce the chaotic unnerving happenings of the society.

There was a mix of emotions giving him goose bumps at regular intervals. He experienced anxiety, excitement, ecstasy and above all the celestial feel of a dream come true. He knew that he possessed the knowledge backed by the skill of presenting it in a way, which not only appealed to the generation of today but also was welcomed by the elderly with open arms. But was that enough to take him to the blue moon of his dream? He was no novice in the writing fraternity and was aware of the presence of many others, better than him in both the aspects of knowledge and writing. Then what made this happen to him and not to others?

He had the answer to that ‘why’. It was the power of Mantras which he had not only been practicing but also been living it. He had been regularly chanting the Mantra for creativity and for success too. He was shown the path; he just had to walk through. It had all begun in the year 2013, back, when a typical trait, curiosity, of his persona got him to open the cover of a book and turn pages.

Shiv Puran was at his place since decades, but he started reading it as a bed time story lying on the bed. From there on things changed and the journey of a veiled personality took over the palpable one. Even before the completion of the first Adhyay(Chapter), he was introduced to Mantras. Most of these Mantras were elementary but with the inclusion of every new facet the curiosity kept gearing up. Resultantly, over a period of time he had practically abandoned (tyag) the television, outings and other books, to get drenched in the new illuminating knowledge he was exposed to.

Let us be a part of that journey. In the month of December 2013 he was deported...

AuthorDarpan Goyal
BindingKindle Edition
FormatKindle eBook
Language TypePublished
Number Of Pages147
Product GroupeBooks
Publication Date2015-11-12
Release Date2015-11-12
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