Smartphone Users
Sore Thumbs!
(Kindle Edition)

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You maybe spent a little too long texting, tweeting or replying to facebook posts. The problem is pain, strain, weakness, stiffness, itching, tingling in your thumbs, fingers, wrist or forearm. You want a solution.

'Smartphone Users: Sore Thumbs!'

offers simple and easy to implement solutions to effectively undo the damage done by overuse with your phone. This book covers issues such as:

  • Exercises to alleviate strain

  • How to get started today

  • How long will it take?

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Tendinosis

  • Unexplained Pain

No medical jargon or lengthy explanations. Just one page after another, each offering a clear method of recovery. No drugs, medication or surgery.

This book...

Is different because it takes into account every factor that could be causing the discomfort and covers solutions to all of them for the quickest recovery possible.

Explains how, in as little as 5 minutes daily, I totally overcame my irritating condition. Step-by-step and at home

Is relevant to all, regardless of age, experience or level of physical activity.

Keeps it simple, for those unfamiliar with anatomy and exercise—gives easy to follow information, with photographs, videos, and stories of my personal experience to make it as straightforward as possible

Teaches the principals and habits of recovery, without which the symptoms will be prolonged by carrying out the same tasks or hobbies that lead to the development of the condition. – No obstacles. Zero resistance.

Is based on 12 months of collective research, real life experiences and documentation with dozens of Personal trainers, MD’s physiotherapists as well as the summation of hundreds of articles and online videos

Will save you wasting time with unrelated and bad advice, and save money on ineffective exercise equipment.

Also learn!

Future Prevention

Lifestyle shifts that can ensure that recovery happens swiftly, as well as removing everyday activities that could potentially be hindering recovery that you may not even be aware of!

Clears up the confusion surrounding over-use and related conditions such as Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), Radial Tunnel Syndrome (RTS), Blackberry Thumb, Cumulative, Occupational Overuse Syndrome, as well as confusion around tendonitis.

Cure your pain without having to take time off work if your job requires your hands—if you’re a typist or you need your phone, you can use these principals to recover in your own time. The information can be integrated into everyday life, resulting in noticeable improvements without disruption to work or hobbies.

AND you can still text and mess around with your phone! The exercises and principals can all be done daily in conjunction with your usual routines, without any sacrifice to your fun!

Everything that you need to know is here. Quite often people feel clueless about their body... and finding a cure feels like guess work. They take the stance ‘its fine, it doesn’t even bother me that much, it just comes and goes, I’ll forget about it’… This book explain in simple terms what may be happening; recommending resources and offering the best experience and advice in dealing with it.

Available for download to read on any device such as desktop, laptop, smartphone, kindle or tablet. Simply download Amazon’s free and easy to use Kindle App for your device and you can get the advice you need anywhere!

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Publication Date2015-06-05
PublisherWhat We've Learned So Far
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