How to get rid of Cockroach WITHOUT Gel Bait spray roach pest control
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What is the method exactly?
It's a simple strategy, natural, that involves no chemical: plugging PERMANENTLY holes to prevent cockroaches to enter into your home. It took me several years to know this method, which is the less known and was the most efficient for me.

Does it work?
It works at 100 % for american cockroaches.
Unfortunately, it does not work for german cockroaches because they are smaller than american cockroaches. I will still tell you which chemical products to buy to eliminate efficiently all your german cockroaches in less than a month. It consists of 2 different products used at the same time. This will save you much money in comparison to hiring a pest control company.

For how long does this natural method work?
I don't know exactly, but it has worked for 2 years now for me, no American cockroaches anymore, whether I spray or not.

What special techniques does this method include?
1) How to locate holes. That's the most interesting technique to know in order to be able to plug holes and cracks.
2) Know where cockroaches were while you were sleeping.
2) How to watch live cockroaches close to you while they can't see you.
3) Know what material to use to plug holes and cracks.

Do I need to pay much (tools, materials, handyman) to do the job?
You will need to pay around $30 to plug cracks. All holes and cracks can be plugged by you but there is one special hole that needs to be plugged and that cannot be reached easily. For this special hole, you can do it yourself (I will provide a video link for instructions) or you can pay a handyman around $50 to do it.
To be able to see live cockroaches while they don't see you, the tool should cost around $30.

How long does it take to do this work?
For the special hole, around 1 hour. For the other holes (to prevent adult cockroaches of entering), maybe a total of 2 hours. You should be done in 2 weeks for the holes (detection and plugging). For the small cracks where baby cockroaches are entering: 5 minutes per night to detect the cracks, 5 minutes per night to plug the cracks. You should be done in 1 month for the cracks(detection and plugging).

Benefits compared to using gel, bait or spray:
1)PERMANENT SOLUTION: it blocks permanently access to your home. While with chemicals, the solution is only temporary, the adult cockroaches will come back in 1 year or more.
2)COST: no need to buy so much gel, bait or spray, or pay a company for many years. Manufacturers of these products don't want you to know this method.
3)TIME: once you apply this method, no need to spend time chasing cockroaches to spray them, no need to spend time picking up dead cockroaches killed by bait or gel, no need to spend time cleaning area.
4)DISGUST: no need to be disgusted by having to see and take care of live and dead cockroaches.

Disadvantage compared to using gel, bait or spray:
It doesn't block all the cracks for german cockroaches.

Humans have also used successfully similar techniques against invasions: the Great Wall of China, the Berlin Wall, the Israeli West Bank barrier, etc. Same for Forts, Castles, Doors with good locks against burglars, passports at airports. It's easier to prevent invaders from coming home than having to fight them at home.

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