Automatic Putting
The Revolutionary Secret Method for Putting Success (Automatic Golf Book 1)
(Kindle Edition)

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Who has time to practice putting? Learn to putt using a simple repeatable method that takes the feel that requires hours of practice and replaces it with a simple way to determine how hard to hit your putts. Make more putts immediately after reading this book. Automatically adjust your stroke for fast or slow greens. Includes putting drills and putting tips to reduce your putts today!

Does this describe your putting?
•You know you should practice putting but don’t have the time?
•You 3 putt a few times per round?
•You have a hard time judging the speed and distance required for a putt?
•You come up short a lot leaving long second (or worse third) putts?
•You periodically blow one past the hole?
•You often miss short putts?

With automatic putting you will discover:
•The one mistake you are making in your set up. Eliminate this one fault and save 5-7 strokes immediately!
•The revolutionary system for controlling distance you won't find anywhere else!
•Practice less than 30 minutes a week!
•How practicing like a cello player can help your putting!

Like most of you, I have struggled with my golf game for years. I can't tell you how much I have spent on training aids, books, tips, and gimmicks to improve my putting. My results, no real improvement in my game! I have had lessons from PGA registered instructors and read about every book on the planet regarding putting and guess what, I got worse, well not always, sometimes I got a little better temporarily but then when I didn't practice enough, I lost the feel for putting and I would get worse. You see most putting instruction requires regular practice and stroking hundreds and hundreds of putts to develop a feel for putting, especially distance control. I needed a method that would allow me to putt consistently without spending a lot of time practicing.

What Makes Automatic Putting Unique?

It took the frustration of an average golfer to discover a simple method to better putting. Because I didn't have a lot of time, I needed something simple and repeatable that didn't take hours of practice to master. After years of struggling and trying different methods and putters, I invented a unique method for controlling my putts that was simple, effective, and most of all, eliminated "feel" and replaced it with a scientific system for controlling distance, allowing me to sink more putts. This simple secret to putting and distance control will allow you to adjust your stroke automatically for fast or slow greens instantly. You will set up to a putt and know exactly how hard to hit it to go the exact distance needed. How many times have you missed a putt by 5' or more? Doesn't leave an easy one coming back does it? With Automatic Putting you will get it in or close with scientific precision. This method is easily learned, it will take all of an hour or two to read the book and practice the methods, and it is simple to implement. With one reading and some simple practice techniques that are outlined in the book, you will improve your putting forever! Automatically!

The included putting practice drills will hone the necessary skills in minimal time. Read this book and putt better tomorrow! This revolutionary putting hack will solve your putting problems forever!

AuthorTim Theisen
BindingKindle Edition
FormatKindle eBook
Language TypePublished
Number Of Pages41
Product GroupeBooks
Publication Date2015-01-24
Release Date2015-01-24
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