How To Do More Pull-ups
The Definitive Guide to the Armstrong Pull-up Program
(Kindle Edition)

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ATTN: Do You Want To Do More Pull-ups?

Don’t worry. It’s a retorical question. You’re reading these words so of course you want to do more pull-ups. That’s perfectly natural though. Knocking out a dozen or more pull-ups is a great ego boost that also:

  • Builds strength. You’re lifting your entire bodyweight, after all. It’s no easy feat and your body is quick to adapt to the newfound stress.
  • Gives you a muscular upper-body. Not just your arms either. Every muscle in your upper-body gets worked — shoulders, back, chest.
  • Prepares you for the real world. Because pull-ups provide functional strength. They’re not purely for show. You’re able to use this strength.

But this all leads to the obvious question: how can you do more pull-ups? What precise training program should you follow to manage more reps and build more strength?

DISCOVER: How To Do More Pull-ups

When I first started training pull-ups, I’d do as many pull-ups as I could, rest for five minutes, and repeat that process two more times. That’d be my workout session. This is the simple way to train but there’s a problem:

It stopped working.

And it stopped working quite quickly. I made a few weeks of decent process — but nothing remarkable — and then I hit a wall. Seemingly no matter how hard I pushed myself, I wasn’t able to lift my bodyweight anymore. All of my other training was going well – I was lifting weights three times a week — but the pull-ups wouldn’t budge.

After months of minimal progress, I discovered the system that I’m about to share with you today — a system that, while simple, is much more sophisticated than what I was doing.

INSIDE: The World’s Greatest Pull-up Training Program

Here’s what you’ll find inside this book:

  • The foundations of how strength and muscle is built.
  • How ANYONE can do pull-ups (even if you have no upper-body strength).
  • Important tips and tricks for any strength training program.
  • The pull-up program itself, developed by a world record winning Marine.
  • How you can repeat your success with this program again and again.

So download the Kindle sample and let’s get started.

AuthorDave Irons
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Publication Date2014-02-01
PublisherDave Irons
Release Date2014-02-01
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