The Protocol
The Best Supplements for Building Muscle Mass, How to Use Them & Why They Work!
(Kindle Edition)

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2nd Edition: Updated to Include Enhanced Navigation and Tips!

Best selling Amazon author, 16-year professional Personal Trainer & Men's Health Coach Arnold Sturtz on the Protocol: "If you ever wanted a single text that cut out all the fluff and hype about how to build muscle with natural supplementation; wanted to get a lean, rock hard physique naturally; or wanted to know the most effective supplement regimen to add to your weight training or bodybuilding routine so as to put on the most muscle mass as quickly as possible without gaining body fat, then this book is exactly what you've been looking for: The Protocol: The Best Supplements for Building Muscle Mass, How to Use Them & Why They Work!"

What the Protocol Does:

The Protocol leverages macronutrients, micronutrients and natural substances to achieve our goal of increased muscle mass: we are manipulating our hormones and bodily systems – and therefore our musculature – into massively accelerated growth with food and strategically timed supplementation. Everyone that follows the Protocol diligently can expect to put on whatever amount of muscle mass they would put on during a 6 week cycle of anabolic steroids/pro hormones. For some, that will be 5 lbs. for others it will be 25. You read that correctly: unless you are already a long time user of anabolic steroids or prohormones or have already gotten as muscular as you can possibly be naturally or otherwise, the Protocol is as effective as any 6 week cycle of those substances with none of the risks and all of the benefits (and then some!), so long as you are in good health at the outset. You can further expect a colossal increase in libido, feelings of well being as well as an increased sense of your ‘alpha’ self.

The Principle of Nutrient/Supplement Timing:

The time at which the supplements discussed in this book are consumed is critical. Forgetting something here and there will not throw the whole Protocol out of whack or set you back very far, if at all. That being said, what we are aiming towards here is consistency of application: the more consistent you are, the better your results will be.

Your body is most receptive to certain nutrients and supplements and their utilization at certain times. Said differently, there are ‘windows of opportunity.’ Some of these windows stay open longer than others and we take advantage of that to maximize your muscle building results.

Your Diet:

Muscle building orthodoxy dictates that there are two ways to gain muscle mass. The first is referred to as “Bulking”. A bulking program involves eating significantly more calories than the amount it takes to maintain ones current body weight. By doing this, ones body has an excess of nutrients available to it. Coupled with the muscle stimulation of lifting heavy things, we gain more muscle. The ‘problem’ with bulking is that in addition to new muscle growth, one gains more fat very readily given the excess calories ingested. This is why people on a bulking program follow that program with a “cutting” phase: the shedding of the fat gained while bulking.

The second way to gain muscle mass is through what is referred to as “Recomping” and that’s basically what we do in the Protocol. Instead of ingesting calories in significant excess of what it takes to maintain our bodyweight so as to gain more muscle, we are going to eat inline with our goals; and, we are going to eat specific amounts of macronutrients (Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats) and enhance them with specific supplements at specific times. By doing this, we forgo gaining excess body fat; actually replace much of the excess body fat deposits we already have with muscle; strategically manipulate our hormone levels for the better; and, gain brand new muscle mass as a result. In short, we are “recompositioning” (i.e. Recomping) our bodies.

The Protocol: Have YOU Done It?

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