Blueberries in Your Backyard
How to Grow America’s Hottest Antioxidant Fruit for Food, Health, and Extra Money (Booklet)
(Kindle Edition)

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Perfect blueberry growing guide for beginners. This booklet explains how to plant and grow blueberries in the home garden. Recommended for backyard gardeners with small city-sized yards, patios, balconies, decks, and rooftops. Written by the author of the best-selling Fresh Food From Small Spaces gardening book, a former columnist for Urban Farm magazine.

Topics include:
* Why Grow Blueberries? Six Great Reasons
* Blueberries for Every Climate (and where to get them)
* Growing Blueberries Almost Anywhere
* Perfect Blueberry Soil (garden soil kills them, but they will thrive in this!)
* How to Plant and Grow Blueberries in Raised Beds and Containers
* Feeding, Watering, and Caring for Your Blueberry Bushes
* Making Extra Money Growing Blueberries

This 25-page booklet provides beginners with all the information needed to plant, grow, and harvest organic blueberries in the home garden. Blueberries are delicious small fruits that cost way too much at the supermarket. These dark-colored berries sit near the top of the antioxidant charts. They contain healthful substances known to protect the heart system, fight cancer, lower cholesterol, and stabilize blood sugar levels. Clinical research has proven that blueberries can help keep skin and hair looking younger, while improving memory function as well.

Too expensive in stores
But they're also insanely expensive in stores. People are willing to pay a few dollars apiece for those little plastic clamshell containers, each of which contains only a few ounces of blueberries. The real prices often reach $11/pound. According to the U.S. government, demand is exceeding supply, fueled by peoples' obsession with antioxidant health benefits...and their growing appetites for this delicious small berry.

Easy to grow in backyards, patios, and small spaces:
What if you could pick all the organic blueberries you want from your own backyard? Even if you have a small amount of backyard space in the city, you can grow blueberries, which perform very well in raised beds, large pots, tubs, other containers.

In fact, blueberries are one of the simplest plants to grow. In this booklet, you will learn how to grow them and enjoy a sweet harvest of ripe, nutritious blueberries.

Make Extra Money
Finally, you will learn how you can make some extra money by growing additional blueberries. How would you like to enjoy an additional $720-$1200 per year just for growing these beautiful, worry-free plants in urban backyard space? Just a few plants can provide you with a productive harvest of these delicious organic berries, which are in high demand for their incredible antioxidant benefits. All for just a few hours' worth of gardening work each year.

Forget growing marijuana. Blueberries are the new "grow your own" cash crop for home gardening. You can earn a return on your small initial investment that will yield better returns than any business, stock, bond, derivative, or other investment vehicle. Learn how to get started today and harvest sweet rewards from your backyard organic berries! (25-page booklet, 11,000 words)

Blueberries are Tasty, Healthy, and Too Expensive...Grow Your Own!

AuthorR.J. Ruppenthal
BindingKindle Edition
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Publication Date2013-05-21
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