Turtle Care
How to Care for Pet Turtles Like an Expert. (Aquarium and Turtle Mastery Book 5)
(Kindle Edition)

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Aquarium, underwater, turtle and tortoise lover David Chipperfield has listened to the fans who were clamoring for him to add a turtle book to his previously written books on aquariums. Here is his step-by-step compendium so you can go from a complete beginner to a turtle authority in no time

We asked David why people should read this book and he told us:

“There are loads of things you can get wrong when looking after turtles but if you know the tips and tricks you can make your relationship fun, inexpensive and hopefully not one that turns you into an accidental turtle killer (it’s easier than you might think if you don’t understand what not to do).”

If you are looking to get a turtle soon, want to know more about them or would just like some expert tips on what you can do with your current turtle then How to Care For your Pet Turtle Like an Expert could well be the place for you.

Here are a few of the things you will learn when you read How to Care For your Pet Turtle Like an Expert

•How to care for your turtle from hatchling size up
•The aquarium plants that your turtles can eat (You will learn both the common name and scientific name so you can always find them)
•How to supply your little friend with a satisfying and healthy diet
•The different things that are harmful to your pet turtle, from food to some you might not expect
•You will get the common myths about turtles debunked
•How to decide whether a turtle or tortoise is right for you
•The best ways to choose between a turtle and a tortoise
•Indepth information on turtle species including a price guide (David also breaks them down to Cheap / Mid Range/ Expensive so you can see at a glance)
•The lists you will need of turtle ownership laws for Great Britain, Canada, Australia, USA (including links to government websites)
•Detail on turtle parasites and their treatments - or if you should send your pet turtle to the vet
•Recommended turtle breeds for beginners (including the reasons why those specific breeds are recommended)
•List of toxic plants that can harm or kill your pet turtle
•How to prevent your turtle transmitting harmful bacteria to you and your children
•How to select just the right turtle or tortoise
•How to setup an indoor or outdoor home for your turtle or tortoise
•How to maintain a turtle tank easily so that it is great for your turtle without taking up too much of your time
•What other animals are compatible with your turtle and which are not
•How to avoid common turtle ailments and problems and identifying the warning signs that can help save your turtle before it is too late
•Species specifics including: recommended setup, size, cost, experience level, diet and common health problems
•How to understand your turtle’s or tortoise’s special needs

As you can see, this is the true turtle lover’s guide to acquiring, keeping and loving your pet turtle.

The book also includes a special ‘Who’s Who’ of turtles and tortoises—a complete guide to dozens of species, where they’re from, what they’re like, and how they are as pets.

When we asked him for a few final words, David told us to tell you:

“To all those turtle owners (and owner to be’s), I hope you enjoy the hours and hours of fun, laughs, challenges and entertainment that come with owning and loving a pet turtle!”

So, if you are considering a pet turtle or tortoise (or already own one and just want a few extra time (and money) saving tricks) then consider reading How to Care for Your Pet Turtle Like an Expert.

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AuthorDavid Chipperfield
BindingKindle Edition
FormatKindle eBook
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Publication Date2012-01-19
Release Date2012-01-19
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