Concepts and Connections

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A highly visual, precise and fresh approach to guide today’s mixed-science majors to a deeper understanding of biochemistry

Biochemistry: Concepts and Connections engages students in the rapidly evolving field of biochemistry, better preparing them for the challenges of 21st century science through quantitative reasoning skills and a rich, chemical perspective on biological processes.

This concise first edition teaches mixed-science-majors the chemical logic underlying the mechanisms, pathways and processes in living cells through ground-breaking biochemical art and a clear narrative that illustrates biochemistry’s relation to all other life sciences. Integration of biochemistry’s experimental underpinnings alongside the presentation of modern techniques encourages students to appreciate and consider how their understanding of biochemistry can and will contribute to solving problems in medicine, agricultural sciences, environmental sciences and forensics.

The text is fully integrated with Mastering Chemistry to provide support for students before, during and after class. Highlights include interactive animations and tutorials based on the textbook’s biochemical art program and Foundation Figures to help students visualize complex processes, apply and test conceptual understanding as well as quantitative reasoning.
About the text

A striking art program designed specifically for teaching

A ground-breaking visual narrative specific to biochemistry highlights and reinforces overarching themes (chemical logic, regulation, interface between chemistry and biology) to help students see and grasp the bigger picture. The visual program includes a wide range of graphical representations to further student understanding of the material including the mapping of bioenergetic calculations to three-dimensional structures, precise reference charts that highlight chemical interrelationships, integrated text explanations and detailed molecular models.
Foundation Figures integrate core chemical and biological connections visually, providing a way to organize highly complex and detailed material, making biochemistry more manageable, understandable and easier to synthesize. Foundation Figures will also have dedicated questions for use in class via Learning Catalytics and will also be assignable in Mastering as stepwise animations with follow-up assessment.

Modern science presented in a relevant way

The authors emphasize biochemistry as an experimental science by including 15 separate sections on the most important research techniques called Tools of Biochemistry and by providing students with cutting edge end-of-Chapter references (about twelve per chapter), such as links to Nobel Prize lectures.
Concept and Connection statements highlighted in the narrative call students’ attention to fundamental concepts as well as their real-world applications and demonstrate how individual topics are related.

Organized with students in mind

A concise presentation and organizational choices underlie this first edition’s aim of functioning as a teaching resource for students for the course as well as a solid reference for their future. Each Chapter allows students to build upon their understanding of fundamentals:
The first several chapters introduce biochemistry as a quantitative s science focusing on water, the matrix of life and bioenergetics. Subsequent chapters present structure and function of biological molecules, followed by intermediary metabolism and then genetic biochemistry

1. Biochemistry and the Language of Chemistry

2. The Chemical Foundation of Life: Weak Interactions in an Aqueous Environment

3. The Energetics of Life

4. Nucleic Acids

5. Introduction to Proteins: The Primary Level of Protein Structure

6. The Three-Dimensional Structure of Proteins

7. Protein Function and Evolution

8. Enzymes: Biological Catalysts

9. Carbohydrates: Sugars, Saccharides, Glycans

10. Lipids, Membranes and Cellular Transport

11. Chemical Logic of Metabolism

12. Carbohydrate Metabolism: Glycolysis, Gluconeogenesis, Glycogen Metabolism and the Pentose Phosphate Pathway

13. The Citric Acid Cycle

14. Electron Transport, Oxidative Phosphorylation and Oxygen Metabolism

15. Photosynthesis

16. Lipid Metabolism

17. Interorgan and Intracellular Coordination of Energy Metabolism in Vertebrates

18. Amino Acid and Nitrogen Metabolism

19. Nucleotide Metabolism

20. Mechanisms of Signal Transduction

21. Genes, Genomes and Chromosomes

22. DNA Replication

23. DNA Repair, Recombination and Rearrangement

24. Transcription and Post-transcriptional Processing

25. Information Decoding: Translation and Post-translational Protein Processing

26. Regulation of Gene Expression

AuthorR. Appling Dean
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Publication Date2017-04-26
PublisherPearson Education
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